Urfi Javed’s entry banned in UAE

Urfi Javed’s entry banned in UAE
Written by Tora

Urfi Javed has landed himself in a new trouble and this time no one has targeted him. The actress will never be able to go to Dubai again. It is not his clothes but his name that is behind this. Urfi Javed has changed her name to Urfi on her passport. This is a single name. Because of this, now she will never be able to go to Dubai. This information has been shared by Urfi Javed himself on Instagram.

Giving information on Instagram, Urfi Javed wrote, ‘My official name is just Urfi. There is no surname and now I cannot go to Dubai. Along with this, he has also shared a video. It reads, ‘Persons without surname cannot travel in the UAE.’

(Relationship with the public does not confirm this news, this news has been received through public interest and this news was going viral in the social media, due to which this news is being published. There is no information regarding the truth of the news related to the public. Does not confirm officially.)

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