Subhashree Ganguly Subhashree gangulys photoshoot in green dress goes viral on social media

Subhashree Ganguly  Subhashree gangulys photoshoot in green dress goes viral on social media
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The number of beautiful and skilled actresses in Toli Para is not less. And Subhashree Ganguly’s name is in the first row in that list. Just as she excels in beauty, her acting has also touched the hearts of many people. And from his point of view, the number of fan following is not less. Once again, the actress impressed the fans with an eye-catching look.

The year is 2007. A 17-year-old girl entered the tolly industry. After that, little by little, he strengthened his ground in Tollywood due to his acting skills. Today there is no person who does not know him. Not only in romantic movies but also in different genres, his performance has caught everyone’s attention. In one word, he explained that he is the long race horse inside Tollywood.

Then in 2017, she got engaged to director Raj Chakraborty. Then they got married in 2018. After a couple of years of marriage, on September 12, 2020, little Yuvan came into their arms. Currently, this star couple is having a good time with little Simba. But the actress gained a lot of weight before and after becoming a mother. And that is normal.

But Shubashri did not get rid of it. He had to be a victim of body shaming. Even from the netizens had to hear harsh words. However, the actress did not listen to it at all. Instead, he handled the matter in his own way. And then he came back to the previous shape by binding himself to exercise and strict diet. Now every now and then Nitya catches a new hot look.

Apart from acting, seeing her Deda’s photo shoot created a storm in the minds of male fans. There is no way to understand that she is a mother of one child. Recently, the actress has created a storm again in a green western dress. With matching high heels. Bangle on left hand. This look of Subhasree with nude makeup and glossy lipstick has gone viral.

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