Raveena angry over stone pelting on Tiger in Bhopal

Raveena angry over stone pelting on Tiger in Bhopal
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Bhopal, (IANS). Film actress Raveena Tandon has expressed her displeasure while sharing a video of stoning a tiger in Van Vihar National Park located in the capital of Madhya Pradesh, as well as raising questions on Van Vihar management. On the other hand, the Van Vihar management has assured action.

Sharing a video on her Twitter handle, Raveena Tandon wrote, Van Vihar Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, tourists (miscreants) pelt stones at tigers, have a good laugh when asked not to do so, laugh, shake the cage Throw stones, no protection for the tiger.

Van Vihar management has also expressed its opinion on this tweet of Raveena Tandon. Also written with Raveena’s tweet, Van Vihar management is already investigating the incident and appropriate action will be taken against the miscreants. Any such action against protected animals is not punishable under the Wildlife Protection Act.

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