queen elizabeth ii’s jewelery photos

queen elizabeth ii’s jewelery photos
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Queen Elizabeth II, who has been holding the throne of Britain for the last 70 years, may have said goodbye to this world, but even after this, her discussion is not taking the name of diminishing. However, the biggest reason for this is that she was not only the oldest monarch in British history, but she was also counted among the richest women in the world. In fact, according to a report by Fortune magazine, the Queen has left behind a property worth more than $500 million i.e. Rs 39.8 billion. This sum was amassed as personal wealth from his investments, art collection and real estate holdings, much of which has been bequeathed to Prince Charles after his death.

However, the Queen was not only the owner of $ 500 million, but she also had a strong collection of priceless jewelry. In fact, the Queen’s royal box includes the Kohinoor tiara—50 arrows and a brooch—besides millions of jewels, some of which are on display in the Tower of London. Diamond expert Max Stone of Steven Stone Jewelers told the Daily Express that the Queen’s brooch itself is worth around £58 million. (All photos – Getty Images)

got tiara from grandma

Queen Elizabeth’s royal collection includes one of her most favorite tiaras, which she received as a wedding gift from her grandmother, Queen Mary. According to The Court Jeweller, the late emperor bought this amethyst tiara in the 1800s. Well, Elizabeth’s favorite tiara is with the new Queen Consort Camilla, who she wore to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s welcome party.

Those 2 habits of Queen Elizabeth, which did not make her a queen but a common man

300 Diamond Neckpiece


When Queen Elizabeth II decided to marry the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947, the ruler of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan alias Asaf Jah VII, made up his mind to give the princess a lavish wedding present, For which she instructed the world’s French luxury fashion brand ‘Cartier’ to ask the princess to choose from their current stock something that no one had ever seen before.

In such a situation, the queen had chosen such a neckpiece for herself, in which not one but two but 300 diamonds were used. This platinum pendant neckpiece of 300 diamonds was accompanied by matching earrings, which she continued to wear throughout her reign.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II got that one necklace in marriage, which remains in discussion even after her departure

Got royal necklace from father

Queen Elizabeth also had a royal necklace made of sapphire and diamond, which she had received in marriage from her father, King George VI. The price of this necklace is in crores. Let us tell you that after his death, this necklace is with Queen Consort Camilla, wife of King Charles, which she wore at the welcome party of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Queen Elizabeth bought her wedding dress from the ration coupons, the government also helped

triple-strand pearl necklace

Who can forget Queen Elizabeth II’s triple-stand pearl necklace and matching stud earrings. He inherited it from his late grandfather, King George. This necklace was made by the Maharani’s grandfather for himself. This neckpiece was one of Elizabeth’s favorite jewellery, which she was mostly seen wearing.

drop down earrings

One of the pieces of jewelry worn by Queen Elizabeth II were pearl earrings, which she inherited from Queen Victoria. Actually, these earrings were given to the Victorian Queen by her husband Prince Albert. These jhumkas have two diamond studs with pearls, which are very beautiful to look at.

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