Nusrat Jahan | Actress Nusrat Jahan got trolled for her singing

Nusrat Jahan |  Actress Nusrat Jahan got trolled for her singing
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Actress Nusrat Jahan was criticized by netizens for singing Hindi songs on the stage of Macha Show. Nusrat is one of the most popular and controversial actresses of Tolipara. He has been in the headlines for a long time due to various tensions in his personal life. Although now everything is clear to everyone. For now, the actress is managing all the three equally, husband, children and career.

The Yash-Nusrat relationship equation is now clear as day to everyone. Nusrat Jahan has a new identity despite being an actress and MP. And that is she is Ishaan’s mother. However, Nusrat’s glamor is overflowing as time passes after having a child. And Nusrat’s male fans are burnt to ashes in the fire of that glamour.

Like doing photoshoots during work, Macha sometimes rushes to the stage of the show to attract fans. And went there and sang Hindi songs one after another. First he started with the song Tu Meri Prem Ki Bhasha. Then he sang Hindi songs like ‛Paas o ane lage zara zara’, ‛Lakho hai magar tumsa ya kaun hasin hai’, ‛Meri hoto pe ek tere siba koi naam nehi’ one after the other.

However, the netizens filled with sarcasm after hearing this song sung by Nusrat in a soft voice. Raj Chakraborty made his debut in Tollywood with Shastru. Then worked in Bengali movies one after another. Apart from being an actress, she is also a star MP.

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