Margot Robbie didn’t know what sexual harassment meant before Bombshell

Margot Robbie didn’t know what sexual harassment meant before Bombshell
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Los Angeles,(IANS), Australian actress Margot Robbie has revealed why she took on the role of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes in the 2019 drama Bombshell about the women who exposed his ongoing sexual misconduct.

The 32-year-old actress admitted she didn’t know the definition of sexual assault and took on the role to help her better understand it, reports People magazine.

I realized I knew nothing about sexual harassment despite having a place in the industry and being financially strong and independent, she said during a BAFTA Life in Pictures talk, according to Variety. This is shocking.

According to People, Robbie also said that Bombshell taught her that sexual harassment and bad behavior actually thrive in a gray area.

The actress said, Roger Ailes or Harvey Weinstein, they take advantage of this area. The situation isn’t black and white.

Reflecting on the fact that she had worked with only one female director on a feature film, her 20th big screen project, Mary Queen of Scots director Josie Rourke, Robbie said that she sees no difference between men and women. She watches

Robbie says, I would love to say that Josie has a special insight as a woman to do what she does, but then the most emotionally comfortable person on something like Bombshell with a male director, who I know. It didn’t work out better because he’s a man, but every director has a completely different personality and process.

The actress gravitates towards tough roles that challenge her.

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