Debina Bonnerjee shared picture of new born baby

Debina Bonnerjee shared picture of new born baby
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Renowned TV actress Debina Banerjee and actor Gurmeet Chowdhary have recently become parents for the second time. The couple became parents for the second time this year. The first daughter Liana was born in April. Seven months later, on November 11, Debina Banerjee gave birth to a second daughter. Debina Banerjee remains very active on social media. Meanwhile, he has shared a glimpse of New Born Baby on Instagram. Although the face of his younger daughter is not visible in this photo. The actress is seen carrying her little angel in her arms. He has hidden his second daughter’s face with a heart emoji. Debina is wearing a pink color suit in this picture.

poem for daughter

With this, Debina has written a lovely poem in the caption – For my second child, you are not my first, it is true. Before loving you, I loved someone else. I am a different mother this time. I have found more calm and confidence. Since you came, there is a new dimension. Two children now want my attention. I was so excited the first time. This time I want to take things slow. Your ‘first’ will be my ‘last’. It is true that you are not my first child, but you are the last child I have. You are the last lullaby I will ever sing and being the last is special in itself.

Become parents after 11 years of marriage

Debina and Gurmeet have become parents after 11 years of marriage. They got married in the year 2011. At the same time, in an interview after marriage, Gurmeet Chowdhary had told that even before marriage in 2011, both were bound in this holy bond. Both played the role of Ram and Sita in the Ramayana serial and came close to each other on the sets of Ramayana itself.

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