Bigg Boss 16: Fighting with Shaleen Bhanot cost MC Stan a lot…

Bigg Boss 16: Fighting with Shaleen Bhanot cost MC Stan a lot…
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In Bigg Boss 16, there was a lot of ruckus between Shaleen Bhanot and MC Stan in the Thursday and Friday episodes. The fight between the two, which started with Tina Dutta’s concern, had escalated to abuses, whereas, now in Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan spoke openly on this issue. At the same time, he reprimanded each and every contestant fiercely. Not only this, Salman Khan has also given a severe punishment to MC Stan.

Actually, in the fight with Shaleen Bhanot, MC Stan first used abusive words, after which Shaleen Bhanot also used wrong words and then the ruckus between the two increased. On this, Salman Khan told MC Stan that if you abuse, then have the power to listen to people because the person in front will give you double. If you do not have the ability to listen, then you should not give.

Further, Salman Khan also told that Stan is nominated from ‘Bigg Boss’ for the next four weeks. Salman Khan said that I want to tell you the result of this fight, which has not been told to you even by Bigg Boss. Stan you are nominated for week four. If Tina had not been there, you would have gone out of the house yesterday itself. MC Stan gets a little disappointed after hearing these words of Salman Khan.

dispute over

However, after this whole conversation, Salman Khan also got Shaleen and Stan’s quarrel to end. Salman Khan first told Shaleen that if he leaves ‘Bigg Boss’ then only he will suffer, after which Shaleen decides not to leave the show. Only after this, Salman gets Shaleen and Stan to end their fight. During this, Stan said sorry to Shaleen and then both the contestants hugged.

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