Bhuvan Bam worked with Shah Rukh Khan, shared a funny anecdote

Bhuvan Bam worked with Shah Rukh Khan, shared a funny anecdote
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India’s most successful YouTuber Bhuvan Bam, who became famous with BB ki Vines, has crores of fans. Recently Bhuvan Bam participated in a Kas event. In such a situation, he told about the days of his struggle and the changes in his life during the lockdown. In such a situation, he shared an interesting story of shooting with Shah Rukh Khan during the promotion of the film ‘Zero’.

Bhuvan Bam’s Famous Titu Show

At that time Bhuvan Bam came up with a new show named Titu Show. In this sleep, he used to sit with the celebs and ask some funny questions. In such a situation, when Shah Rukh Khan was told about Titu Show during the promotions of Zero, he immediately agreed. In such a situation, in the first meeting, Bhuvan Bam told Shahrukh how he is his fan.

Shahrukh Khan made such a request

In such a situation, Bhuvan Bam told the format of his show to Shahrukh Khan. In such a situation, Shah Rukh Khan also asked him not to take tension. Although Bhuvan Bam does not ask anyone to subscribe to his channel, he requested Shahrukh Khan to do so. In such a situation, it was decided that he would sit near the bench near Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan helped like this

In such a situation, Shahrukh Khan asked Bhuvan Bam, well tell me what to say. In such a situation, Bhuvan wanted that everything should look natural and not artificial. As soon as Bhuvan Bam sat near Shahrukh Khan, instead of putting his hand on his shoulder, Shahrukh Khan started patting his head. Please tell that Bhuvan Bam is the first YouTuber in India who had more than 1 crore subscribers.

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