Bengali Serial | Fuljhuri is going to be a mother new twist in mega dhulokona

Bengali Serial |  Fuljhuri is going to be a mother new twist in mega dhulokona
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‛Dhulokna’ new turn! Phuljhuri is going to be a mother. New Promo Out. Dhulokona is one of the favorite serials on the television screen right now. This series has occupied the fourth place with 7.0 rating this week. The viewers are more interested in this serial than “Mithai”, “Gantchara”. And there is only one reason. That is alienation of care.

However, the netizens are very excited to see Lalan’s strangeness. Madly in love with Tiri, she divorced Phuljhuri. After many fights, Lalan-Fuljhuri finally got together. But that happiness did not last long. Rather, they were separated by the sparrow’s mother’s conspiracy. Everyone thinks that Lalan is dead. But finally they met.

But in the early days he did not return the memory and married Lalan Tiri. After that, when the memory comes back, he rushes for Phuljhuri. However, another incident happened in the meantime. Lalon starts a new madness after coming to Phuljhuri after regaining his memory. He can’t forget the pheasant at all. Moment by moment, his love for the pheasant seems to be disappearing. According to him, he loves both phuljhuri and pheasant.

But Phuljhuri cannot bear the presence of anyone else in her husband’s life. And that is normal. That’s why he decided to divorce Lalon. At this time Ankur came back again. Jakina loves Phuljhuri. But thinking about care, he moved away. In this danger of Phuljhuri, he has once again stood by her side. But in the meantime, a new promo was released.

Where it is seen that the doctor comes to the house to see Phuljhuri. Because he suddenly fainted. However, seeing her, the doctor said that she is going to be a mother. And everyone was surprised to hear this. Even the shoots are startled. However, is Lalan going to return to Phulzhuri’s life again based on this child’s source? Or Lalan-Fuljhuri-Ankur will continue the triangular love story? Now to see that.

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