Anupam Kher Know who is the owner of Anupam Khers property after his death

Anupam Kher  Know who is the owner of Anupam Khers property after his death
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There are many actors in Bollywood who were not happy in their first marriage. After that, the second marriage was happy, but the children were not happy. And one such actor is Anupam Kher. There is nothing new to say about his popularity in Bollywood. He has worked in one movie after another. Sometimes playing the role of father and sometimes playing the role of uncle has delighted the fans.

He was never seen playing a lead role on the movie screen. But anyway, his performance in the supporting role has been widely appreciated. In his acting career so far, he has earned a lot of respect, a lot of fame as well as a lot of money. He doesn’t have a luxury house, car. However, there is no child happiness.

Two marriages of Anupam Kher. He lived with his first wife for 1 year. Then they got separated. Then in 1985, the actor got married to Kiran. He has been happily married to Kiran Kher for 37 years. But they have no children. And so the only question in everyone’s mind is who will be the owner of the actor’s property of so many crores? Do you have the same question? And it’s normal to wake up.

Sikandar Kher will own such huge amount of money of Anupam Kher. Just like Anupam’s second marriage with Kiran, this is also Kiran’s second marriage. Kiran has a child on the first side. whom Anupam loves like his own child. He even gave him status as his own son. And in the same way Sikandar Kher will be the owner of this huge property of Anupam in the future.

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