Anupam Kher announces Hindi remake of Odia film ‘Prateeksha’

Anupam Kher announces Hindi remake of Odia film ‘Prateeksha’
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Panaji, (IANS), Actor Anupam Kher on Wednesday announced the Hindi remake of Odia film “Prateeksha”, which delves into the dynamics of a father-son relationship. ‘Prateeksha’ director Anupam Patnaik has said that this moment is big for him and also for the people of Odisha.

The announcement was made during an event at the International Film Festival of India. Anupam Kher shared the stage with the team of the Odia film.

Anupam announced that he would be making ‘Prateeksha’ in Hindi, in which he would play the father. He gave Patnaik a token signing amount for the rights of the film.

Inspired by a short story by author Gaurahari Das, ‘Prateeksha’ tells the story of Sanjay, a boy from a middle-class family who wants to get a government job before his father retires. His father Bipin wants his son to get a job soon, as the family is in debt, and Bipin also has to get treatment for his serious illness. Sanjay learns about the government’s compassionate appointment scheme, in which a family member of a deceased government employee gets a job. Frustrated while searching for a job, Sanjay waits for his father’s death. It is a family film, mainly about the complicated relationship between fathers and sons.

Deepanvit Dashmopatra, who plays the role of Sanjay, talked about showcasing his film at IFFI and said that it is a big moment for him, as it is his first film as a lead actor.

Director Anupam Patnaik spoke on the Odia film industry and said that before the 1999 cyclone, there were 160 cinema halls in Odisha, 100 after the cyclone and only 60 after Covid. He asked, “How can the Odisha film industry survive with just 60 cinema halls?”

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