Aindrila Sharma | Tapa tini dance cover by Aindrila Sharma old video viral after her death

Aindrila Sharma |  Tapa tini dance cover by Aindrila Sharma old video viral after her death
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The song ‘Tapatini’ from the movie ‘Belashuru’ got huge popularity on the net media. Everyone from common people to celebrities danced to this song. And the name of actress Aindrila Sharma (Aindrila Sharma) is not left out in that list. Recently Aindrila’s dance video has gone viral. Which brought tears to the eyes of the fans. Aindrila was a fierce fighter. He continued to fight one after another against the body.

The year is 2015. Aindrila was the first to be diagnosed with cancer. He was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. After undergoing chemotherapy, he recovered in 2016. But then after 5 years in 2021 he was again diagnosed with cancer. Finally he recovered after another hard fight. Returned to normal life. He started his acting career. The days were going well.

But suddenly there is a crash. The actress suffered a brain stroke on November 1. Go into a coma. Since then he was kept on ventilation. The physical condition of the actress was going through more or less ups and downs since she was admitted to the hospital. However, Aindrila was slowly recovering. But sometimes his physical condition became very critical.

All close people including mother and father were by his side. Lover Sabyasachi has posted all her physical news on her Facebook wall. Similarly, on Thursday night, Aindrila responded to the treatment with a virtual miracle. And Sabyasachi himself said that through a Facebook post. But on Saturday, the actress’ condition deteriorated again.

After that, according to the hospital sources, Aindrila suffered at least ten heart attacks on Saturday night. And then Sabyasachi’s profile also deleted all physical posts about Aindrila. And since then, a concern was working in the minds of netizens. Then the news of his death came yesterday at 12:59 pm. Naturally, his death cast a shadow of mourning across the state.

Seeing his old video once again brought tears to the eyes of the fans. Video comment box is full. Someone wrote ‛Stay well in the land of no return’. Someone else wrote, “God did not keep you for long despite sending you with so much talent”. The comments revealed how much fans still miss their favorite actress.

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