Aindrila Sharma | Aishwarya Sharma shares a throwback photo with sister with emotional note

Aindrila Sharma |  Aishwarya Sharma shares a throwback photo with sister with emotional note
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Very helpless without you! Come quickly Bunu’. Didi Aishwarya’s late night post about her sister. Aindrila Sharma was a popular actress in the Bengali television world. She won the hearts of fans by playing the role of Janhvi in ​​the serial “Zion Kathi”. Recently he left for the land of no return. A vibrant soul has been lost at just 24 years of age. In 2015, he was first diagnosed with cancer.

He was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. After undergoing chemotherapy, he recovered in 2016. But then after 5 years in 2021 he was again diagnosed with cancer. Finally he recovered after another hard fight. Returned to normal life. He even started his own career.

But on November 1, the incident happened again. The actress was admitted to the hospital. After that, various physical hardships passed over him. Sometimes his physical condition was very bad, but sometimes he responded to the doctors’ treatment by performing miracles. Although in the end there was no last defense. So many prayers of all, so many efforts of the doctors all went in vain.

After 19 days of continuous struggle, the actress crossed to the country of no return after 20 days. He died at a private hospital in Howrah at around 12:59 PM. He is not with us today. How helpless his family is without him, especially his sister, is revealed through her posts. Late on Tuesday night, Aishwarya posted a long post about her sister.

Where he wrote that, “It’s been a long time now, hurry up, Bunu.” Am I crippled without you? Who would dress me up? Who will take my picture? Who will understand the words of my heart without speaking? Who will fulfill all my heart’s desires like Aladdin’s wonder lamp? Who will I travel with? Who will party with? With whom I will stay up all night to watch movies and talk? Who will give me the right advice?’

He even wrote that, ‛how much planning do we still have? Who would love me? Who will fight the whole world for me, hold me? I have no best friend except you. You are my life force. In these 24 years I have not learned to do anything by myself. I know you are strong but your aunt is very helpless without you. Bunu quickly went to me. I waited’.

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