Aindrila Sharma | Aindrila Sharma’s special episode of Jiyonkathi serial is going viral on social media

Aindrila Sharma |  Aindrila Sharma’s special episode of Jiyonkathi serial is going viral on social media
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Aindrila Sharma, a popular actress of Bengali television world, passed away recently. None of his close friends and devotees can accept his untimely death. Today Aindrila is not among us. But his work and thousands of pictures and videos are circulating on the net. And which brings tears to everyone’s eyes. Recently, a similar video clip of ‘Jionkathi’ serial has gone viral on the net.

Netizens are impressed to see Aindrila in the guise of a wife. Her character’s name in the serial was Janhvi. The serial was also quite popular. In that viral video clip, Janhvi Rupi Aindrila can be seen appearing as a bride in the bedroom. On the other hand, the groom is dressed as sage Somnath Maiti. Messing with each other one after the other. Even then Rishi also gifted Janhvi a ring.

Some scenes of their romance also come up in the video. Everyone’s favorite Aindrila was caught in red-green Varanasi. Needless to say how sweet she looked in her new bride outfit. Recently, this video has caught the attention of netizens once again after it went viral on social media. Even the comment box of the video was flooded with comments one after the other. Everyone is missing their favorite actress a lot.

Incidentally, Aindrila was first diagnosed with cancer in 2015. After undergoing chemotherapy, he recovered in 2016. But then after 5 years in 2021 he was again diagnosed with cancer. Finally he recovered after another hard fight. Returned to normal life. But suddenly there is a crash.

The actress suffered a brain stroke on November 1. Since then he was kept on ventilation. The physical condition of the actress was going through more or less ups and downs since she was admitted to the hospital. However, Aindrila responded to the treatment almost miraculously. But on Saturday, the actress’ condition deteriorated again.

Aindrila suffered from heart attacks at least ten times. And he died at around 12:59 pm on Sunday without worrying about that.

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