Aindrila Sharma | Aindrila Sharma and Sabyasachi Chowdhury’s sweet moments photos go viral

Aindrila Sharma |  Aindrila Sharma and Sabyasachi Chowdhury’s sweet moments photos go viral
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Aindrila-Sabyasachi is the popular pair of tolly industry. In the last few days people of Bengal have seen their love. Perhaps Sabyasachi should learn how to keep a sick lover by her side. In 2017, Aindrila and Sabyasachir had a conversation on the set of ‘Jhumur’ series. Friendship is gradually developed. They are in a relationship with each other for 5 years.

Even on screen, their couple was very popular with the audience. Sabyasachi was Aindrila’s constant companion since her illness. But even after so many efforts, the final defense did not happen. Actress Aindrila Sharma went to the land of no return. The actress died at a private hospital in Howrah on Sunday at 12:59 pm.

Aindrila was first diagnosed with cancer in 2015. After undergoing chemotherapy, he recovered in 2016. But then after 5 years in 2021 he was again diagnosed with cancer. Finally he recovered after another hard fight. Returned to normal life. He started his acting career. But suddenly there is a problem again.

The actress suffered a brain stroke on November 1. Go into a coma. Since then he was kept on ventilation. The physical condition of the actress was going through more or less ups and downs since she was admitted to the hospital. However, Aindrila was slowly recovering. But sometimes his physical condition became very critical.

However, Aindrila responded to the treatment with a virtual miracle on Thursday night. But on Saturday, the actress’ condition deteriorated again. According to hospital sources, Aindrila suffered at least 10 heart attacks on Saturday night. Then Sunday ended all his struggles. Aindrila and Sabyasachi built their love family for a very short time. It is known that Sabya affectionately called Aindrila as “Mishti”.

They were living happily until the actress was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. And at that time, the pictures of their happy moments came up through the net. Which has gone viral again. Aindrila and Sabyasachi were caught together on a family trip in one of the pictures. In another picture, the couple was seen with the whole family on the day of Holi in 2021.

Not only that, Sabya kept Aindrila smiling by her side even during her illness. Sometimes the two have fun taking selfies. Once again, Aindrila and Sabyasachi’s moments together are viral on social media.

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